At the Table with steve mckenzie’s


A feeling of warmth, elegance, and comfort created by the unique juxtaposition of a mid-century modern aesthetic and the gracious sensibility that is southern living – that’s what design means to us here at steve mckenzie’s. And we’re looking forward to sharing that take on lifestyle and design here, with you, on our blog. Or, as we’re thinking of it, our digital journal. Because design is such a personal thing, so should the place where we store our thoughts and inspirations on the subject.


With these entries, we’re hoping to inspire others by sharing what inspires us. Whether it’s the finish or shape of a simple, everyday object, or an art exhibit seen halfway around the world, these findings all lead back to an easy, casual and effortless look that speaks to the aesthetic of steve mckenzie’s, and hopefully to you as well. Overall, it’s a lifestyle we love, and a love of sharing that lifestyle with others that’s led to this.



Some of our most memorable moments have been made entertaining family and friends around our dining table, and this is what influences the offerings at steve mckenzie’s more than anything. It’s a feeling we want to help create, not just a look, and that feeling is something we’re hoping to share in posts featuring much more than just the products and services offered at steve mckenzie’s. We’re taking this opportunity to share our favorite spaces, table settings, travels, art, architecture, and even people, who inspire us and enrich our lives.


From our family, to yours, welcome to the blog at steve mckenzie’s.