Museum Monday – Musee de la Chasse

We’re excited to share about theĀ Musee de la Chasse for our inaugural Museum Monday post here on the blog for steve mckenzie’s!

Courtesy of Musee de la Chasse

This private museum of hunting and nature, located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, is Steve and Jill’s son, Carter’s favorite museum – and for good reason…

McKenzie's at Musee de la Chasse 1
10 year old Carter enjoying Musee de la Chasse
McKenzie's at Musee de la Chasse 2
10 year old Spencer fighting off alligators (!) at Musee de la Chasse

Although the idea of a hunting museum may seem barbaric, we assure you this museum is anything but. It artfully explores the relationship between man and beast, and the role animals have played in man’s life.

Courtesy of Musee de la Chasse

Each room of the museum is dedicated to a different animal; giving us each the opportunity to pick a favorite. This makes for a fun and memorable family outing indeed!

Courtesy of Musee de la Chasse
Courtesy of Musee de la Chasse

We look forward to sharing many more of our family’s much-loved museums through our Museum Monday posts, and hopefully inspire you to visit – or even re-visit – some of our favorite places.

Have an artful day; and please share any of your favorite museums with us!

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