Pillow Talk with House Beautiful Magazine & Steve McKenzie

Our very own Steve McKenzie is featured in the March 2014 issue of House Beautiful! And for what else but his throw pillows… Talk about some pillow talk!

House Beautiful March 2014

This month, the magazine asked a collection of designers, including Steve, about their most beloved pillow.


Specifically, Steve and his favorite throw pillow, covered in his own Loop textile design in the Indigo colorway, are a highlight in House Beautiful’s “Send us a Picture” section. Here’s what Steve had to share during his “Pillow Talk” interview with House Beautiful’s Julia Lewis:

“The pattern is based on one of my painting studies. The bold print allows you to see the nuances of the loose circular brushstrokes in the original study. It’s a work of art unto itself that creates energy and interest in a room.”           – Steve McKenzie

steve mckenzie art
Steve working in his home-based art studio.

Although Steve draws much inspiration from his art, his textile designs aren’t taken exactly from his paintings. Elements of the paintings, such as those brushstrokes mentioned in the quote above, are highlighted in his textile designs, so they become their own, individual designs.

For instance, Steve’s Requiem art collection can be seen as one of the inspirations behind his Pinstripe textile design…

art by steve mckenzie
“La Crimosa,” from the Requiem collection, by Steve McKenzie
steve mckenzie's fabric
Pinstripe fabric design, in Paprika, by Steve Mckenzie

To view the full collection of textiles by Steve Mckenzie, click here or visit the steve mckenzie’s showroom on Atlanta’s West Side.

A big thank you to House Beautiful for including us in your March issue; and with such fabulous company, including our friend Kristen Nye from Cloth and Kind; we loved being a part of “Pillow Talk!”

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