Product Spotlight: Taki Watches

Ever wear something for an entire year in the name of research?

No? Just us then… Well, it was all in the name of fashion, fabulous design, seamless functionality, and, of course, you – the steve mckenzie’s client! And we’re so glad we devoted our wrists to Taki watches for a year (now, going on two), because now we can say with utmost confidence: WE love Taki watches and know you will too!

Taki watches - steve mckenzie's
Steve sporting his Taki watch in-store!

Not only do Taki watches provide a perfect pop of color to your wardrobe, feature super-comfy leather straps, and keep perfect time, thanks to a Japanese time-keeping mechanism, they’re totally affordable! And anyone aged 13 to 93, give or take a few years, is sure to love them as well.


Taki’s clean lines are ideal for everyday-wear, and because they’re so affordable, you can collect a variety of colors, so you’ll have something to coordinate with practically every ensemble.


It also doesn’t hurt that Taki Designer, David Spencer, shares our love for Scandinavian architecture and design. We knew there was a reason we were so drawn to his fabulous designs!


Come into steve mckenzie’s today to check out our collection of Taki watches and give one a try for yourself – chances are, you’ll be walking out with it on, you’ll love it so!

4 thoughts on “Product Spotlight: Taki Watches

  1. I saw these watches about a year ago and wanted one. Steve and Jill called me as soon as their new shipment came in and I picked out a black and blue one that I LOVE. I wear it all the time and it surprises me how I don’t check my cell phone for the time anymore. Thanks, guys!

    1. Thank you, Barbara! You make a good point about not depending on the cell phone for the time as in some settings, it’s not polite or convenient to check the phone. So happy you’re enjoying your Taki watch. We have their new colors if you need to add a new color way.

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