Three Timeless Napkin Folds

In continuation of our love of cloth napkins, and in celebration of the spring entertaining season, we felt it was high time we help bring back the art of the folded napkin.

Sure, there are plenty of creative napkin folds out there, many daunting and overly executed. And, while we don’t think your napkin folds need to resemble an animal, flower, or a specific object, a classically folded napkin will add a touch of elegance to any soiree.

steve mckenzie's - napkin folding 2
Bonus napkin fold idea – the unfolded napkin fold! Simply lay out your cloth napkin, pinch the center of the square and gather, tying a small piece of ribbon or string into a bow or knot to create an effortless fold.

So, we’ve gathered three classic napkin folds that will be at home on just about any table. From Tuesday’s pasta night, to Saturday’s sea bass, these folds will turn up the volume on any simple supper!

But, before we get started, we have a few pre-napkin folding tips from Jill:

  • Use a napkin that looks good from both sides. With most folds, each side of a napkin will be seen, so you want to make sure there’s not an “unfinished” side.
  • Be sure your napkin is nice and square – a rectangular shaped napkin won’t hold your fold properly.
  • Iron and lightly starch your napkins, prior to folding, ensuring the folded shape keeps.
  • When executing the fold, be sure you’re working on a smooth, clean surface and you press firmly.

Now, we’re ready!

The Candle Fold – we love this one, because it brings the napkin up, off the table. We suggest placing the folded napkin in your water glass, to add a bit of extra height to your tablescape. Check out the how-to video below:

The Utensil Pocket Fold – Ideal for large gatherings, this basic fold creates the perfect pocket for you to tuck utensils into!
classic napkin fold
– Fold the napkin in half.
– Fold it in half again to make a square.
– Fold down the edge of the top layer about 1/3 of the way down. Turn over.
– Fold each side in to meet the other.
– Turn napkin over and tuck in utensils.
The Pyramid Fold – Perhaps the most iconic of our three classic folds, you see the pyramid fold done in white table cloth restaurants. Plus, it’s fun to grab the napkin at the tip and “shake” the fold out, to flatten for use in your lap during dinner.
pyramid napkin fold
And there you have it, three timeless napkin folds as selected by steve mckenzie’s.
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