Tips for Creating an Inspired Wedding Registry

Know a couple who like to do things a bit differently? Perhaps you and your fiance fit into that “out of the box” category of engaged couples? If so, a steve mckenzie’s wedding registry may be just the unique touch that wedding registry lineup needs!

Some tips from Jill and Steve on creating the perfect wedding registry for you and your beloved:

  • Consider where you’ll be living when selecting items. If you’re city-dwellers, a rolling bag for groceries may be a necessity. Or, if you’ll be living in a single-family home with lots of patio space, you may consider outdoor entertaining pieces a necessity. Our eldest and her fiance registered as if they were moving into a large suburban house, as opposed to the graduate school apartment, which became a reality. She’s shared that, thinking back, they could have made some different selections at the time.

    Blenko Tangerine Pitcher – a perfect “special” piece to add to the registry!
  • With that said, go ahead and register for all of those really nice things you’d love to live with. Fine china, silver cutlery, top-of-the-line cookware can all be added to the list – go for it! After all, there’s no other time like this in your lives.

    R. Wood Studio’s Antipasto Platter may be a dream registry item for the entertainer in your future family!
  • Take your partner into consideration when registering, even if they’re not able to make it to each store with you. Will they be doing the yard work? If so, a registry at a local hardware or home improvement store for things like their dream weed-whacker may be the perfect addition to your wedding registry options!
  • Don’t let your mother (or any friends or family members) pressure you into registering for things you don’t want. Only you and your fiance know what your married lifestyle will be like. Although, Jill does suggest to at least consider mom’s suggestions… 🙂

    Mitchell Black art
    Art by Mitchell Black – available at steve mckenzie’s
  • If you and your fiance already have a well-established household, consider registering for some special home accessory items, such as a unique lamp or piece of artwork. These items may be perfect to feather your nest with since you probably have all the linens and serving pieces you need.
Of course you know we’ll have everything to set the perfect table and make an amazing bed… And the unique pieces available through steve mckenzie’s will certainly not be repeated on a friend’s registry at a big box store.
Our registry is set up so anything from dishware to outdoor furniture may be included. Items from a steve mckenzie’s wedding registry won’t just turn your house into a home. These gifts will fill your abode with loads of personality and help create a warm and welcoming environment!
*Newlyweds – don’t forget those thank you notes either… We have a wonderful selection of stationary that will match your notes of appreciation to your unique style.

3 thoughts on “Tips for Creating an Inspired Wedding Registry

  1. I have found so many great gifts at Steve McKenzie’s. Wedding guests love to honor the bride and groom with special pieces as well as practical items. Why not chose a lovely piece of art to remember this wonderful occasion?! They have done a great job with simple but elegant gift wrap for me too. Yes – register at Steve McKenzie’s – so much to chose from and fantastic suggestions from Steve and Jill if you get stumped!

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