Museum Monday – Carsten Holler Retrospective at the New Museum

Not your average museum experience, the Carsten Holler retrospective at the New Museum in New York City, circa early 2012, was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

And an experience indeed it was. Holler’s installations, shared together at the New Museum, were collectively entitled ‘Experience,’ and focused on creating a perception altering environment. Museum goers – Steve included (along with his daughter Molly, and son-in-law, Jim) – were “immersed in various situations where one or more of their senses were confused, reduced or heightened.”

Here’s a shot of Steve and Jim enjoying one of Holler’s installations at the New Museum:

Image 1

In addition to this unique take on a favorite carnival ride, there was an adult-sized slide, giving people an opportunity to seamlessly slip from the 4th floor of the museum to the 2nd… Molly and Jim even took part in an immersion take installation, which Holler calls ‘Psycho Tank,’ where participants are submerged in body-temperature salt water, creating the feeling of floating through nothingness.

This visit to New York City was made even more memorable, thanks in great part to this fantastic exhibit at the New Museum, and having the opportunity to experience it with family.

Please share – would you be daring enough to take part in the immersion tank experience?!?

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