Sleep tight tonight! Tips on Choosing the Right Bedding for You…

Know that feeling of climbing into a bed with supremely soft sheets, fantastically fluffed pillows, and perfectly proportioned duvets and blankets?!? Well, this little luxury isn’t reserved for hotel stays any longer! You can create your own sleep oasis with these tips from steve mckenzie’s on selecting the right bedding:


  • Choose your inspiration – Of course you want something beautiful that reflects your personal style. We suggest keeping the colors and patterns serene, as your bed should be the most comfortable and relaxing spot in your home! Anything from an accent pillow to a throw blanket, or even a piece of artwork can set the tone for your bedding style.
  • Select the bedding base – To us, the base of your bedding is the piece you see the most of, this being your comforter, duvet, bedspread or quilt. Do you go for full and fluffy or light and airy?
    • We suggest splurging on a quality down comforter that can fit inside a duvet. This way, you can easily have the duvet laundered, or even switched out to freshen your bedroom space.

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  • Procure the perfect pillows – This is a tough one, as there are so many pillow options, and even more preferences for each individual. Just to clarify here, we’re talking pillows you’ll lay your head down on at night. You’ll want something supportive, and cool. These pillows need to be switched out every year and a half to two years to maximize both comfort and cleanliness levels.
  • The Secret to great sheets – No matter what you’ve heard, it’s not all about thread count here, although that is one item to think about. There are actually a couple of factors to consider when in the process of sheet selection:
    • Cotton quality – 100% long fiberEgyptian cotton is the best, but if you can’t splurge on that, 100% pima cotton is a great option as well. These two options will provide you the best mix of comfort and durability.
    • Thread count – This term refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric, and can be used as a barometer for a sheet’s smoothness and quality. But bigger isn’t always better. Finding just the right recipe of fabric and thread count it key.

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  • Adding comfort and aesthetics – Now that you’ve got all the basic requirements for a good night’s sleep, try turning up the volume and really going for a little luxury here. Layers of fabrics with varying colors, patterns and textures will give your bed that designer look, while providing comfort on cooler nights, or extra softness after a tough workout. Here are a few tips on adding the perfect little extras to your bedding oasis:
    • Euro shams/pillows – These oversize, square pillows are the perfect backdrop for the layers of pillows you may add to the head of your bed.
    • Coordinating shams – Shams are a fun place to add some fun color and pattern, and they’re so simple to alter as your tastes change.
    • Throw pillows – Easily, one of our favorite bedding accessories here at steve mckenzie’s, a thoughtfully selected throw pillow will easily act as your bed’s focal point and can be a really fun detail. This is another great place to splurge on something really special, you just can’t live without.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bedding and create the perfect place to rest, contact steve mckenzie’s today and learn more about our fantastic collection of custom Bellino Linens (the Tren collection is pictured above), beautifully crafted in Italy for those discerning people who look for top quality and style in all they bring into their home.

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