OPI Nail Polish & steve mckenzie’s – A Perfectly Unexpected Pairing

A love of color runs deep for both Steve and Jill.

In fact, Steve worked for Sherwin Williams during all of his summer breaks from college. He actually had to pass several rigorous color accuracy exams to secure the role, affording him the opportunity to pull together paint palettes for specific markets. Beats the traditional summer gig laboring in the heat, right?!?

Needless to say, this love of color hasn’t faltered over the years and when first conceptualizing the idea of steve mckenzie’s, textiles in a broad range of vibrant colors were top of mind for Steve and Jill. These textiles have, of course, come to fruition, and the original palette has grown to include new colors and patterns – and are a favorite product to share with clients for the whole steve mckenzie’s team!

sm's fabric

Naturally, Steve and Jill are always excited to see when new paint color palettes are launched. And, when they first heard about the smart partnership between OPI nail polish and Clark + Kensington paint, they knew there was synergy there to expand this pairing to our steve mckenzie fabrics!


We had a ball sifting through the many delicious colors available through OPI – not to mention enjoying the cheeky polish names – and matching them to our own fabric palette. Perhaps this will inspire you to bring some of that color up off your fingernails and go bold with the fabric and accessories for your home…

sm's Ocean and OPI's teal thec ows come home

steve mckenzie’s Ocean / OPI’s Teal the Cows Come Home

sm's Walnut and OPI's Suzi Loves Cowboys

steve mckenzie’s Walnut / OPI’s Suzi Loves Cowboys

sm's Fog and opi's nein nein nein ok fine

steve mckenzie’s Fog / OPI’s Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine

sm's Indigo and Opi's Yoga ta get this blue

steve mckenzie’s Indigo / OPI’s Yoga Ta Get This Blue

sm's Tulip and OPI's I Eat Mainly Lobster

steve mckenzie’s Tulip/ OPI’s I Eat Mainly Lobster

sm's Paprika and opi's y'all come back ya hear

steve mckenzie’s Paprika / OPI’s Y’all Come Back Ya Here

sm's Aubergine and OPI's Purple With A Purpose

steve mckenzie’s Aubergine / OPI’s Purple With A Purpose

And there you have it – our OPI + steve mckenzie fabric pairings! If we can help pair fabrics with your favorite colors, to create a look that speaks just to you, reach out to the steve mckenzie’s design team today!

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