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Ever heard of Parlore? Chances are, you haven’t yet… And that’s okay, because as Founding Adviser Designers, the team here at steve mckenzie’s is thrilled to have the first opportunity to share a bit about this awesome new project management app, specifically geared toward interior designers!

Introducing Parlore

Now, it won’t launch until this fall, but we’re already chomping at the bit, waiting for this app to take off!

We originally heard about this fantastic project from designer Amy Flurry, who’s also Parlore’s Creative Director. We’ve been such big fans of Amy for so long, we knew that whatever she’s involved in would be awesome. And from what we’ve seen so far, Parlore is no exception.

This app is all about streamlining the interior design processĀ for professionals – bringing designers and manufacturers together in one place that will act as a resource for anything from inspiration to specific items, which designers can access right there from the Parlore marketplace.

As Founding Adviser Designers we’re in fabulous company with some of our favorite interior design industry friends, including…

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


Dayka Robinson
Dayka Robinson

Take a look at the Parlore site and share your thoughts with us! As a designer, is this app something you’ll try out?!?

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