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As you know now, we’re finally in our new space and loving it! While we’ll miss the space where steve mckenzie’s first set up shop, our new showroom offers so much more opportunity for our brand to continue to expand!

Not only are we growing the business, we’re so happy to share that we’ve gained some wonderful new neighbors along the way. Included in this group are our friends at Verde Home. They’ve truly opened their arms in welcome to us and we couldn’t be more excited to have them right next door!


Verde Home not only offers a fabulous showroom, which is truly a feast for the eyes – but, their custom rug process is absolutely extraordinary! We’ve asked our friends at Verde Home to share a little about themselves and what they do, and thought you’d like to get the inside scoop too:

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What is Verde Home?

Verde Home is a boutique home furnishings studio specializing in an exclusive assortment of custom handmade rugs, upholstery, hardwood furniture, and antique finds.

Who is it that makes Verde Home so special?

Verde Home was created by a partnership between interior designer Laura Walker Baird, Paul Baird (her husband), and Kent Schneider.  Both Paul and Kent previously worked as wholesale importers and distributors of fine rugs.  Laura has been an interior designer for over 20 years and has practiced the craft both domestically and while living abroad in Italy and England.

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What are Verde Home’s specialties?

As Paul and Kent were experienced in the wholesale rug trade, where they produced and imported rugs from Iran, India, Turkey, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Portugal, and China, they acquired a tremendous in depth knowledge of the capabilities and strengths of each weaving region and well as the economic realities of each. Currently, their focus is on productions in both India and Nepal.  Verde Home can create complete custom rugs, starting from initial sketch concept all the way through to final installation.

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At Verde Home, the custom rug creation process usually goes like this:

  • Initial idea – a client needs something custom.  Sometimes it is just a custom color, other times it is a special size or unique shape.
  • Render – the team takes the concept and begins rendering ideas.  This process always ends up digital but Verde Home employs pencil and paper, as required.
  • Sample – Once they have the design and colors selected they go to sampling.  Most samples are about 2×2 and will show the exact colors and texture that will be featured in the final piece.
  • Production – Once the sample is approved they’re set to go to loom.  All of Verde Home’s rugs are handmade.  They do both hand knotting and hand tufting, which each have their own strengths.  Most pieces are completed in 10-16 weeks.
  • Delivery – 95% of the completed rugs are shipped to Atlanta where they’re inspected and  and required stain treatments may be applied.  After this is done, the custom rug is ready to go to the client.

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 “We started Verde in 2006.  We spent our first 5.5 years at the Brickworks.  We relocated to our current showroom about 2 years ago and just completed an expansion to make more room for rugs.

This neighborhood has seen great progress over the last few years and I believe is becoming the new design district for Atlanta.  We are excited about our current location and plan to be here for some time.” – Kent Schneider

We agree with Kent and are excited to be a part of Atlanta’s new design district. Many thanks to Kent and the Verde Home team for allowing us to feature them on the blog for steve mckenzie’s and for being such wonderful neighbors!

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