Our Own Grown & Flown Story

We interrupt our usual design-themed posts for a bit of a personal blog… A slant on a lifestyle post if you will.

A few weeks ago we moved the youngest of the McKenzie clan, Mimi, to college. She’s out of the house, and in this time of transition (not only to empty-nesters, but also from one showroom to another and from one home in the suburbs to a new life in the city), one of our favorite blogs, Grown & Flown, has been such a help as we navigate this bit of uncharted territory.

How we think of Mimi at times – a sweet little girl enjoying The American Girl Cafe on a trip to Chicago about a decade ago. Where does the time go?

In fact, our new friend, Mary Dell, a blogging partner at Grown & Flown, shared a few posts that are relevant to our family during this time. We thought some of you may also appreciate these smart articles…

The first, focused more toward Mimi, and other college students, offers the absolute best advice for college freshmen, as it’s written by a college professor. We encourage all college students, no matter how senior, to take a look at this post – and take their advice! Another post offers advice for freshman from a different perspective – advice to new college students from recent college graduates. Mimi – take note!

The final post she shared has been a great comfort to us as parents, as we experienced moving our youngest out of the house. Not only did it help prepare us for the big move-in day in the traditional sense, it also helped to get us in a good frame-of-mind. Read Grown & Flown’s “Kids Going to College: Getting Your Heart and Head Ready” post to take advantage of some sage advice.

Mimi putting her personal touch on her new dorm room!
Mimi putting her personal touch on her new dorm room!

And a favorite tidbit from the McKenzie family for college move-in day: Bring some personal touches from home. Of course Mimi had to have a beautiful piece of art for her room; it’ll make it feel homey for her! And, let them do it themselves. Sure, we’ve all been there and done that, and even though we’re designers, she’ll know what’s best for her. It’ll mean more for them because they’ve created the dorm room they’ve envisioned.

Now that move-in day for Mimi has come and gone we can step back and see what life will look like for us as newly minted empty-nesters. One thing’s for sure, we’re feeling especially grateful for the business we’re building. It’s been so exciting and rewarding to focus on the business of steve mckenzie’s. And, while it’s been hectic this summer helping two of our children move, along with the showroom move and a move for ourselves into the city, it’s been a wonderful way to transition into this new chapter of life!

We welcome you to this next chapter – thank you for joining us! We look forward to continuing to share our thoughts on design with you and appreciate all of the support our friends, in real life and virtually, have shown steve mckenzie’s!

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  1. Jill, First of all, best of luck to Mimi – her style sense is unmistakable and I would love to pass on some of her cute dorm ideas to my daughter. Thanks also for sharing Grown and Flown with your readers. We have been fortunate to be able to collect and convey solid and loving advice from friends and recent grads to other parents. We have to all stick together in this empty nest boat in which we find ourselves! xox, Mary Dell

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