Suburb to City… We’ve made the move!

As we shared in our recent “empty nest” post, the youngest McKenzie, Mimi, has flown the coop and we’re now beginning the next chapter of our lives. While we have plenty going on with the new showroom, expanded design business and our last child beginning college, we thought why not add to the excitement? Let’s take the plunge from our home in the suburbs to city living!

And that’s just what we did – right in the midst of our showroom relocation. Phew! What a hectic time!

store dogs
The McKenzie dogs – Bisi and Duke. City living naturals…

But, it’s been so worth it! Our commute couldn’t be better, and we’re adapting to city life almost as well as our pups, Bisi and Duke. Not only do they love their daily walks to the park, they’re loving life as shop dogs.

Of course we couldn’t find a turn-key condo for our new empty nest lifestyle; we want to put the steve mckenzie’s spin on it! So, we’ve found a fantastic space, with an even better view, to make all our own.

view from new condo
This view from our new condo will never get old.

There’s untapped potential, which we’re thrilled to unveil with some clever designs and reworking of the space. We’re currently in the midst of our renovation and, as usual, things don’t always go according to plan. We’re already on “Plan B” with one project, but know it’ll be a fantastic space to share with family and friends when complete.

new condo progress
Renovations underway at the new McKenzie condo!

In the meantime, we’re living in another condo, temporarily, which has turned out better than expected. There are some advantages to living in temporary housing; it’s a bit like a vacation, we just turn the key and walk out, and there’s no maintenance or yard work. This allows us to focus on the new home and relax a bit. About time!

We know many people are in the same boat as us and are downsizing and starting their next life chapter. Here’s some advice from our family, post move to temp housing, which we hope comes in handy for others BEFORE their move:

  • Keep a bag of essentials in your car, so you’ll have them from the last moment you leave your old home to the first moment in your next space. Put these items in there now, even if it’s a month ahead of time.
    • We learned this the hard way and didn’t keep the items we use throughout a typical day in our household out for continued use. Our dog food and toys were packed up, even though we were there with the moving company! Poor, pups, we had to run out and get them their basics…
    • These items are personal to you and your family, but ask yourself: “What do you really like to live with?” i.e. What are the things you would miss most, and what are the things you don’t want to have to go out and buy again because you have plenty stored away?
  • Suggested items to keep with you:
    • tupperware
    • cloth napkins
    • dog toys
    • dog food
    • dish towels
    • favorite laundry staples (detergent, dryer sheets, etc)
    • YOUR alarm clock
    • YOUR pillow
    • YOUR favorite throw or quilt
  • And here are a few things we got right and kept with us at all times through the move to our temporary condo:
    • passports
    • ALL spare car keys (and we needed one already)
    • tax papers
    • current bills, paperwork
    • stapler
    • valuable jewelry
    • dogs’ vaccine records
    • spare eyeglasses
    • favorite spices & cooking oils
We hope this helps other’s moves go as smoothly as possible, and from one new empty nest family, to many others – congrats!

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