Coming Up: Rebecca Wood Art Show

We’ve been fans of Rebecca Wood’s work for many years now. And certainly, you’ve heard us mention our favorite pottery from R. Wood Studio. Located right up the road in Athens, GA, R. Wood Studios brings us some of our most popular dinnerware pieces.

In addition to her pottery, Rebecca has also agreed to share some of her beautiful art pieces at a show in our new space! Going September 18-20th, the Rebecca Wood Art Show at steve mckenzie’s will feature some of her most mesmerizing botanicals.




What may appear so simple in nature is anything but. And we invite to you to take a look for yourself. Just read Rebecca’s artist statement below and you’ll learn just a little about how she comes to create such wonderful works of art:

growing up, i spent all my days in the woods around my home. i was always exploring creeks and observing nature and all its variety. i grew up ‘looking’,and that has informed all my art. i still take long walks in the woods observing the beautiful patterns and colors in nature,and derive most of my inspiration from the abundant southern flora. ideas for shapes, textures and colors are everywhere in nature.
thus, it was natural to be drawn to red clay and reproducing the varied colors in our southern landscape with my pottery. drawing and photography are my ways to study the forms and colors in nature. but nothing is as primal as drawing from life, really looking and really studying a flower or a branch is a learning experience that is very satisfying. i hope through my work that people will gain their own understanding and appreciation of the beauty that exists all around us here in the south.

~ rebecca wood

We hope we’ve inspired you to stop in soon and experience Rebecca’s art in person!

And, please share – what space in your home could you see a Rebecca Wood original fitting in?

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