Artful Cranberry Wreaths & A Special Discount for You!

Recently, we found out about Artful Cranberry, a Freeport, Maine based company, that creates stunning live cranberry wreaths. These unique wreaths are so lovely, we thought you’d be interested in learning more about them – and we even have a special discount to share with readers of the blog for steve mckenzie’s!

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The gal behind Artful Cranberry, Deena Prestegard, was initially inspired to make live cranberry wreaths by a project featured on the cover of Martha Stewart Living magazine about 20 years ago. However, Deena didn’t follow Martha’s guidelines and created her own way to make wreaths with live cranberries that would last for many months, as opposed to the wreaths created in response to the magazine feature, which involved breaking toothpicks and poking the berries, accelerating the oxidation of the berry, and encouraging the wreaths to age and wither prematurely.


In short, Deena crafted cranberry wreaths that last not only through the holiday season, but well beyond.

Deena’s inspiration is the cranberries themselves. She shares,” they have a brilliant and rich array of red color tones and they glisten like gems. They’re fun too, because they dart and bounce around when dropped. They used to be called bounce berries. They’re like little red super-balls.”

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Artful Cranberry purchases their cranberries from a local grower, Ricker Hill Farms. They also offer a Re-Wreath Program whereby customers return the wreaths to them after the season, and they recycle the armature and give customers a credit toward their next purchase.

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A straw armature is used as the base of the wreath. Deena likes working with natural materials and the straw allows them to make custom sizes and shapes.Two simple bow options are also offered; a red or a burlap bow both with a birch bark center.

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In addition to being perfect door adornments, the wreaths also make beautiful centerpieces. Place a clear glass vase in the center of a wreath, laid flat on a table, and fill the vase with cranberries and flowers.

Artful Cranberry’s wreaths come with care guidelines to extend their life. Given optimum conditions the wreaths can last well into the new year.

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Deena’s wreaths are created one cranberry at a time. Each is selected for its glorious uniqueness then placed on the armature in a series of concentric circles, every cranberry nested into another until the entire surface of the wreath is bejeweled with the most beautiful array of red berries possible. The color, size and shape of the berries are Artful Cranberry’s medium. The palate as rich as jewels, the presence of the finished piece as magnificent as any work of art.

If you’re as taken as we are with these fantastic wreaths, Deena and the fine folks at Artful Cranberry are offering a limited number of our readers 10% off their order with offer code “Steve McKenzie,” good through Saturday, December 6. Order quickly, as there are a limited number of discounts available…

Let us know what you think about these wreaths from Artful Cranberry and where you’d like to use one around your home this holiday season!

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