New from Grange… Just for YOU!

As we shared in an earlier post, Steve and Jill have just returned from France where they had the opportunity to attend Maison & Objet, as a guest of Grange, a leading  furniture manufacturer in France with over 100 years of history.

In addition to those favorite pieces we’ve already shared with you, we were also introduced to a couple of new collections by Grange and they’re so spectacular, we wanted to share them with you as soon as possible! Although we may be a little biased, as we are the Southeast United States’ Grange representatives… Without further adieu, here’s the latest from Grange Furniture:

grange 1

The first new Grange collection we’d like to share, Médaillon, is based on the traditional lines of Louis XV style, yet cleaner and more comfortable and approachable.

In this line, Grange combined Oak finishes found in country estates with cherry tops to create an elegant collection that may fit in both formal dining spaces or your family’s kitchen.

As a Grange retailer, steve mckenzie’s will have this collection on view in our showroom this spring!

grange 2

The buffet and mirror have beautiful lines and great proportions and beautifully round out the pieces for the dining space.

grange 3

The collection’s Medallion back chairs are available both in cane back and upholstered finishings.

grange 4

The Médaillon collection also includes two smaller proportioned Bergere chairs in a beautiful oak frame. Can’t you envision these lovely pieces in a keeping room off the kitchen?

grange 5

The next new collection by Grange, Country Chic, is based on the country homes in the areas of Ile de Ré and Lubéron. These pieces feature cerused oak with a pop of aqua, perfect for beach or country homes.

grange 6 grange 7

grange 8

Also new from Grange is an exciting modular that features the same unique functionality of Grange’s other modular pieces, with bookshelves which are able to effortlessly slide in front of the TV component of the piece – perfectly concealing the television in style.

grange 9

However, these updated Grange modulars are not nearly as tall as their earlier designs. This new piece stands at 61″ tall, an ideal petite size for smaller spaces.

grange 10

We just cannot wait to bring these new pieces by Grange into the steve mckenzie’s showroom, so you’ll have an opportunity to experience them in person – take it from us, they’re even better than in these beautiful photos!

If you have any questions about these pieces, or would like additional information, please reach out to the steve mckenzie’s team. We’d love to work with you to bring these pieces into you or your client’s home, where we’re sure you’ll love living with them!

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