A Fine Place to Dine: How much do dining tables cost?

You’re ready to invest in a dining table for your home and family. That’s great – so many wonderful times are shared with friends and family around the table!

But, you don’t know where to turn to find just the right dining table for your space and lifestyle. And just how much does a dining table cost?

Dining table selection

There are lots of questions associated with any furniture purchase, but there are many details associated with dining table selection, specifically, and these waters can be difficult to navigate. But, we’re here to help… Consider these questions as you think about your dream dining area:

  • Will this table be the only dining location in the house or is there a separate breakfast area or counter seating?
  • What other purposes will this dining table serve – work space, homework area, etc.?
  • Is your house typically the gathering place for potlucks and holiday meals?

grange family table

Next, sketch out the shape and size of your dining room. Will a rectangle table be best or can a round one work? There’s also oval and square shapes to keep in mind.

2nd story wood slab dining table

Keep these measurements in mind as you create your space plan…

  • Your table should be at least 36 inches wide to allow for elbow room and serving dishes
  • Attempt to leave 42-48″ between your table and walls to allow for guests to move in and out comfortably
  • Tabletop height should be no more than 10-12″ above the chair seat

Old wood co - harvest table and benchIf you’re tight on space, consider utilizing a dining bench as part of your dining seating plan. Make sure the bench will fit between the legs of your selected table.

Old wood co - sunfish tableVisualization helps most of us, so take painter’s tape or a bed sheet to map out possible table shapes and sizes. See how it works to maneuver around various shapes and sizes.

old wood co - shepherd dining tabel

Always check with the table manufacturer to learn how many people may fit comfortably at a table. If you need the flexibility to seat larger groups, consider a table that has a self-storing butterfly leaf, like this Grange Directoire table pictured below:

grange sun round tableAs far as investment in your dining table selection goes, know this is an investment and you’ll want a quality table, which will last many years. Tables can range from $1,500 for a ready-made piece to $5,500+ for more custom options.

Another avenue to consider is to work with a local craftsman to design and create the ideal table. While this may be more of an investment in both time and funds, you’re guaranteed to get just what you want.

The team here at steve mckenzie’s works with many fine furniture manufacturers and craftsman, and we’d be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you to create just the right dining space for you – one that will both look and function beautifully. Please reach out to us today, or stop by the showroom to get an idea of the types of spaces we can create.

Dining table selection

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