Collectibles: An Easter Tradition

As a child, Jill received some very special eggs from the Easter Bunny… Specifically, beautiful German paper mâché eggs!


They were filled with chocolates each year, and Jill’s date back to before 1918! Although the chocolate was not vintage :-))


Here’s a fun blog post about them on My Vintage Childhood, if you’d like to learn more about these unique collectables…

Looking back, the Easter Bunny, aka Jill’s dad, went on buying trips to Europe for their family’s Scandinavian furniture store, The Wooden Soldier, and that’s when she believes her father acquired these little treasures.


These eggs became an annual tradition for Steve and Jill’s own kids, Molly, Carter and Mimi and now add a very special decorative touch for the holiday season, tucked away on shelves or used in a buffet display or even an Easter centerpiece.


Do you have any childhood memories or treasures attached to the Easter holiday? Perhaps it was an activity your family enjoyed together, a favorite recipe, maybe an Easter egg hunt with your cousins, or even dying eggs each year, then figuring out what to do with the cooked egg?!? We just love this time of year, and would love learning what memories you tie to the Easter season!

seafoam salad

And speaking of recipes, there’s a recipe that was always on Jill’s family’s Easter table, thanks to her great Aunt Miriam (Mimi’s namesake!) who always brought it to family gatherings: Seafoam Salad. Yes, it’s a creamy, dreamy, fruity, delicious dessert disguised as a salad – it’s fabulous! Here’s a link to a recipe, similar to that of Great Aunt Miriam’s, if you’d like to add it to your Easter menu as well!

Let us know if you give it a try. And happy Easter planning to you all!

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