It’s National Doughnut Day – what are you going to do about it?!?

That’s right, even our humble, sweet friend the doughnut has it’s own special day. To learn the history behind this special day (it’s actually pretty neat!) click here.


Donuts, as a treat, have always held a special place in Jill’s heart… Her great uncle Phillip “Sap” Essex is THE Sap behind Sap’s Donuts, which later became part of Dolly Madison Bakery!

Jill's Great Uncle Sap
Jill’s Great Uncle Sap
Sap's donuts billboard

And, hey! What about this 59 cent special for a dozen donuts on Thursday mornings?!? We wish Sap’s were still around…


Lucky for us here in and around Atlanta, we have access to some pretty fabulous doughnut shops. Back in Steve and Jill’s old neighborhood, north of Atlanta, Dutch Monkey Doughnuts are all the rage!



And here at steve mckenzie’s, ITP (in the perimeter for you non-Atlantans out there) we’re all about some Sublime Doughnuts! You know it’s a special day here in the showroom when a Sublime box shows up!

download (1)

download (2)

Phew! Can you tell we love our doughnuts here?!?

Jill’s cousin, Alexa Lemley, is one of the artisans behind 240sweets Artisan Foodworks, and Uncle Sap is her great-uncle too, so obviously making sweets is in the genes! She shares this classic recipe for homemade yeast doughnuts if you’re feeling especially adventurous on this holiday.

Swing in to the steve mckenzie’s showroom today, there may just be a fresh glazed or filled doughnut here with your name on it :-). And happy National Doughnut Day one and all!

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