Library Friday: Rex Ray Art + Design

This week, we’ve asked our newest steve mckenzie’s team member, Xavier Neuner, to share his thoughts on a favorite book for a “Library Friday” post, and he’s graciously obliged.

Before we share his pick for this themed post, we’d like to share a bit about Xavier, as we’re sure you’ll be hearing more about him in the future!

Xavier Neuner
Xavier Neuner

Xavier was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiania and graduated in 2009 with a BFA in Production Design and a minor in Exhibition Design from the Savannah campus of Savannah College of Art and Design. Before joining our group here at steve mckenzie’s he worked in the special events industry for four years, but has always had a passion for designing interior spaces. His history with visual merchandising and photo shoot styling has become an asset here and we so appreciate his passion for marrying southern heritage with new modern traditions – what a great fit, no?!?

Xavier is inspired by movies, fine art and his travel. He’s personable, creative and a total southern charmer. We invite you in to the steve mckenzie’s showroom to meet Xavier in person and learn even more about him and his personal style – we’re so excited he’s a part of our team! But, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy his pick for “Library Friday:”


Today’s “Library Friday” post features Rex Ray Art + Design. He was well known for creating fluid forms with vibrant colors. My first impression of his work from the front cover is playful and whimsical.  It can be appreciated by both the young and young at heart.  He understood how to incorporate texture, shape, color and pattern.


Looking through the pages, I immediately thought how stunning his work would be translated into the home of a family of four.  I see a family room with an adjoining playroom in brightly saturated color with various textures in the upholstery with lots of layers in the space.


And we absolutely concur with Xavier – doesn’t the space he describes sound absolutely delectable?!? And smart thinking when considering the living/play space… It makes sense for the way many of today’s families live.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Xavier’s take on this “Library Friday” post and would love to know your thoughts on Rex Ray… If you’re looking to add some vibrant and colorful style into your home, look no further than the design group here at steve mckenzie’s – we’re ready to work with you!

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