Featured on Annette Joseph Style!

What a highlight for our week, last week – steve mckenzie’s was featured on the Annette Joseph Style blog this past Thursday!


And we couldn’t have asked for a better description: “A Home Store with Heart & Soul.” They get us. A big shout out to writer, Nicole M. Letts, the gal behind the fabulous blog Probably Polka Dots, who authored this post – thank you Nicole!

We had such a wonderful time sharing a bit about us, the business and what makes us special, and we couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful post featuring steve mckenzie’s!


In addition to really “getting” us, and our aesthetic, the post features a bit about our store merchandising and some of our favorite products, carried in the showroom…


Please click here to read the full post and check out the Annette Joseph Style blog – it’s one to save for your regular blog perusal!

And if you haven’t been to the showroom recently, we invite you to come check out everything we have going on. We’ve been working on re-merchandising the store, with new merchandise arriving weekly, and would love to see what you think about it!

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