Jeremy Brown at Kai Lin Art

Jill and Steve recently attended an exhibit of Jeremy Brown’s art at the local Kai Lin Art gallery and were quite taken with this “graffiti-guided” artist! So much so, we thought it would make a great blog post for those of you who could attend the show, to encourage you to plan a visit, and for those who may not be able to make it to a viewing, an opportunity to learn more about Jeremy Brown and his fantastic work…

Our friends at Kai Lin Art were so gracious when we requested to feature the show, they even had Jeremy answer a few questions from us for all of our blog readers out there!

Jeremy Brown
Here’s a bit about Jeremy Brown’s exhibition at Kai Lin Art:

LOVE marks the spot is a solo exhibition featuring graffiti-guided Jeremy Brown. This is Brown’s first solo show he explores passion, energy, and drive through the act of creation. His artworks are layered tiers of color fields, inspired thoughts, and abstracted shapes depicting unconditional love encapsulated in physical form. Through Jeremy’s work, love marks the spot.

And here’s our Q&A with artist Jeremy Brown:

How long have you been making art? Since I was about 15 years old, replicating a Mark Rothko painting for my mother. 

Do you have formal training? No, self taught. A lot of trial and error. 


Tell us about your studio where it is what it is like. How does the studio impact your work? My studio is located in the Inman Park/ Old Fourth Ward area. It’s an industrial space with a large roll-up door, yet clean and modern. Fresh white walls, modern contemporary furniture, concrete floors & bright colored artwork. The only wall that is not white, is the wall that I hang my canvases on while I paint, that wall is covered in many different colors. I think having a minimal, white wall interior, inspires my use of bright colors, adding a little pop to the surroundings. 

Does the Love theme always emerge from your work or was it just this body of work? Where did you pull your inspiration for this current work. Thus far the Love theme has always been the focal point of my artwork. It come directly from my view of unconditional love, as well as romantic love being the greatest for of art there is.



Do you have a favorite piece in this current show at KAI LIN ART? My favorite piece would have to be “Even diamonds start as coal”. I even have that phrase tattooed on my chest, written backwards so that I can read it in the mirror..  Everyday is an opportunity to better yourself To become a better son/daughter. A better artist.  A better husband, even to become a better stranger. 

The work is really moving I thought of it as Visually Expressed Urban Poetry, how would you describe your work? I like that description. I’ve always been better at expressing my thoughts & emotions through my actions/artwork, and I’m definitely inspired by the use of text by one of my favorite artists Jean Michelle Basquiat.


Is there a favorite place you like to go to for inspiration? I attend a Buddhist monastery in Brookhaven from time to time, for their guided love and compassion meditation. The colors inside the monastery and teachings of the monks are always a great source of inspiration for me.

Who or What would be your dream collector? Honestly. Anyone who is inspired or touched by my work. 


What is next for you following this show? There has been a great response to the pieces and message of this show, so I’d love to keep it going. To keep creating pieces that spark positivity and inspire unconditional love.

We hope his words and works have inspired you to view Jeremy Brown’s outstanding exhibition at Kai Lin Art before it comes to a close! We left energized and inspired and know you will too…

If you’ve already visited the gallery for this showing, did you have a favorite piece? Perhaps you’re imaging one of Jeremy’s works in your own home? We’d love to hear what others thought about the show!

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