Tartans, Tweeds & Tattersalls… Scot Meacham Wood Home now at steve mckenzie’s!

A Southerner with a deep rooted connection to Scotland, Scot Meacham Wood is renowned for his timeless design and magnetic personality. And we’re thrilled his fabulous textiles are now a part of our fabric offering here at steve mckenzie’s!

Scot Meacham Wood
Scot Meacham Wood

Recently featured in the pages of Traditional Home, Scot’s designs draw inspiration from his heritage and thirteen years of experience working with Ralph Lauren. His signature style highlights European and Southern sensibilities, sartorial influences, and bold prints.

Scot Meacham Wood's home in the San Fransisco Bay area, as seen in Traditional Home magazine.
Scot Meacham Wood’s home in the San Fransisco Bay area, as seen in Traditional Home magazine.

Since establishing his firm, Scot Meacham Wood Design, in 2001, Scot has become an interior design icon, showcasing commercial and residential projects across the United States and developing a captivating online presence.


With Scot Meacham Wood Home, the tastemaker premieres a one-of-a-kind collection featuring fresh takes on traditional Scottish textiles. With its luxurious collection of fabrics and focus on Scot’s signature tartan, SMW Home is truly a natural extension of the designer himself.


The son of a stylish mother of Scottish descent, Scot was exposed the country’s rich heritage at the young age and was immediately drawn to tartan.


A pattern that has since become synonymous with Scot’s brand identity, tartan became a staple of Scot’s work, and the designer often ventured to historic mills in Scotland to procure one-of-a-kind fabrics.


After years searching for the perfect tartan, Scot decided to create a collection of his own, using his late mother’s estate to bring his designs to life.


When creating his textile line, Scot worked closely with a Scottish mill dating back to the 18th century to develop a line of tartans that are a vibrant twist on the traditional pattern.


Many of the modern tartans in his collection are named to pay homage to his mother. For example, the “Meacham Plaid” has his maternal grandmother’s maiden name and the “Mary Ann Damask” is named for his mother.


Please stop by the steve mckenzie’s showroom today to view this stunning new collection in person and learn how our design team can help bring this historically inspired, yet comfortable, look in to your own home.

And hop on over to Scot’s charming blog, The Adventures of Tartanscot, to keep up with this fabulous designer, and our new friend!

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