Library Friday: April Fools Day Edition – Paul Smith A to Z

It’s not just any Friday, It’s April Fools Day!! To pay homage to this international day of light-hearted pranks and jest, I selected a particularly cleaver read, “Paul Smith: A to Z” (Paul Smith in conversation with Oliver Wicker).


Although small, this book is filled with interesting and fun facts about Paul Smith, the British fashion designer whose brand goes far beyond his first line of tailored menswear suits.  Now he has a women’s, children’s, and even home accessories lines.  Oliver Wicker’s book is designed similarly to a children’s alphabet book, A is for Apple, but replace “Apple” with “Abby Road, for example, and include a brief description on why it is important to Smith.


As you flip through the pages, you find Smith is a very fun and carefree personality.  He talks about so many aspects of his life, from his childhood hero to his chaotic mess of an office.  The illustrations are artistic as well.  Photos of graffiti walls, collection of wind-up toys, and family photos surround each description of the Paul Smith alphabet.


You will find yourself smiling and thinking, “I know someone like this!”  I’m sure y’all will think of a friend or family member who will immediately enter your mind when you start “Paul Smith: A to Z.” To all of you who love to smile, take a peak into this book.

Happy Foolin’ Day,

Xavier Neuner

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