Painting Out Loud with Ruth Franklin

Ruth Franklin is interested in painting, or to be more specific, the process of painting. “Paint is such a lovely medium, it’s a shame to ignore the possibilities that pushing it around can create. Recognizing the possibilities is the trick,” she says.

Ruth Franklin, working in her Decatur studio.

Steve and Jill were immediately taken with Ruth’s work – and soon after, Ruth herself – the first time they laid eyes on one of her pieces, years ago. Now, the friendship has come full circle, and we’re thrilled to share, steve mckenzie’s will be hosting “Painting Out Loud,” a show featuring Ruth’s works, in store, launching Friday, September 18th!

"Untitled" (#4049) 48x48 - by Ruth Franklin
“Untitled” (#4049), 48×48 – by Ruth Franklin

A reception, taking place in the steve mckenzie’s showroom that evening, from 5-8pm, will be the kickoff to this fantastic show and you’re invited!

"Untitled" (#4344), 12x12 - by Ruth Franklin
“Untitled” (#4344), 12×12 – by Ruth Franklin

Based out of Decatur, Ruth Franklin is a contemporary British artist, whose expressive paintings and drawings are exhibited and collected internationally.

"Untitled" (#4071), 48x48 - by Ruth Franklin
“Untitled” (#4071), 48×48 – by Ruth Franklin

Ruth was born in Kent, England in 1964 and grew up in the picturesque and quintessentially English countryside of East Anglia. She studied at the Lowestoft College of Art before attending Brighton Art School, where she earned her BFA (Honours) in Painting. Ruth started showing & selling her work in the US a few years later.

"Untitled" (#4345), 12x12 - by Ruth Franklin
“Untitled” (#4345), 12×12 – by Ruth Franklin

Ruth lived briefly in Barcelona and was duly inspired, creating a striking body of work in soft pastels which were exhibited in New York to enthusiastic collectors.

"Untitled" (#4041), 48x60 - by Ruth Franklin
“Untitled” (#4041), 48×60 – by Ruth Franklin

Shortly thereafter, Ruth emigrated to the US and set up a home base and studio in Decatur, where she continues to live & work.

Ruth’s Decatur-based art studio

Her studio is a cave of cut out images, large art books, and photographs, piled amongst the giant coffee tins that she uses to hold her brushes and water. Sketches and drawings are push-pinned to the walls and lie on the tables – a constant reminder of possible paintings.

Works in progress in Ruth Franklin's studio.
Works in progress in Ruth Franklin’s studio.

Last year, she was voted ‘Best Established Visual Artist’ in Atlanta, by the readers of Creative Loafing. Her work was most recently shown at the Harlem Fine Arts Show, RAW Art Fair in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and in the 2013 MoCA GA show: ‘Georgia Artists Selecting Georgia Artists’.

Ruth's work on display.
Ruth’s work on display.

When asked how she envisions people living with her art, she says “good art matches the sofa better than bad art.”

Ruth Franklin, at work.

Ha, we appreciate that last tidbit for sure! We’re so excited to celebrate this fabulous show featuring works by Ruth Franklin, with an art show reception Friday, September 18th from 5-8pm – we look forward to seeing you there! Please reach out to the team at steve mckenzie’s for additional information.