Sunday Solution – Release those Wrinkles!

Just a quick little tip for you on this Sunday evening… As the hustle and bustle of the holiday is upon us, we’re all looking for a few short cuts. Here’s one that actually works – Downy Wrinkle Releaser!


Designers – this is a new must-have for us on install day. Spray it on your fabrics, tug the wrinkles out and smooth it over, no more ironing!

Hosts and hostesses – this is ideal for your table linens. Simply spread your table linens out, spray, tug and smooth it over with your hands (make sure to do a quick hand wash before)! Forget trying to keep a hold of those large tablecloths while handling a hot iron.

And, of course we found it works great on smoothing the wrinkles out of clothing. Oops – forgot to iron that oxford and you’ve got to head out in two minutes?! No worries – just spray, tug and go! You’ll be tidy as ever.

Hope this Sunday Solution makes your life a bit easier this holiday season! Cheers from the team at steve mckenzie’s!

*Full disclosure – we were given a sample of this product to try, however, all opinions are ours.