A sentimental post for empty-nesters…

As empty-nesters, this time of year always makes us feel a bit sentimental. Thinking of all those first days of school, bringing our oldest to college, dropping our youngest off to college. Coming back home, just the two of us… It’s bittersweet.

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While we’re so proud of our children and the people they’ve become – and looking forward to so much in the future (our middle child, Carter, just got engaged to his fiance Robin!) – there’s so much we miss about raising our children in a home we built around them.

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These days especially, kids seem to grow up so quickly. Maybe it’s the technology available to them and us, maybe that’s how all parents feel once their kids have flown the nest…?

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It seems the nagging of toddlers quickly transitioned into the sweet notes shared with our elementary and middle schoolers and then on to the long, heartfelt letters as the kids grew. Our communication styles have certainly changed.

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How fun it is now to think of our kids not just as our children, but also our friends! And how wonderful to be able to have a full conversation just about any time of day via quick text messages with our adult children?!?

One thing Jill has really enjoyed and been able to sympathize with is Gretchen Rubin‘s Happiness Project podcast (also a book) – especially as she’s been preparing for her oldest to begin college.

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We hope our slightly weepy, sentimental posts may help those of your experiencing these same feelings know you are not alone. We’re in this empty-nester phase together and are truly enjoying our new normal!

*As you may have noticed, we’ve peppered the post with thoughtful little items your college-age or grown children may appreciate as a start of school or even a just-because gift. After all, they’re your babies no matter if they’re 12 or 22… Contact our team today and we’ll be happy to help you select the perfect little thoughtful something for your child, as well as gift wrap and shipping, if necessary.


Scene Savoring – On The AristoCats & Parenting…

The other day, sitting at the doctor’s office with our youngest, Mimi, it hit me. Right there, while watching “AristoCats” and waiting for the nurse… After 28 years of visits to the doctor’s office for baby wellness checkups, coughs, sprains, strep throats, etc. this may be one of my last visits to the pediatrician.

Mimi will be going off to college in the fall, and then, Steve and my’s time as parents to children who live at home will come to an end. And, right then while watching this classic Disney animated movie, I became a bit sad.


While we’re so eager for Mimi to spread her wings and realize her full potential, as our oldest, Molly, and middle child, Carter, are doing, we’re also a bit apprehensive of what the future will be like when our services as taxi driver, short order cook, and cheer leader are no longer needed.

Grown and Flown has already become a fantastic resource for me as we look toward this next phase in parenting. Because, as many of you know, you’ll never not be a parent, no matter how old your children. Thank you to our dear friend MaryDell, whom I met at the Southern C Summit, who also writes for this fantastic blog about empty nest parenting, for opening my eyes to all of the wonderful things that come with parenting grown children.

And thank you to the doctor’s office for giving me that little bit of extra time with Mimi, watching AristoCats, and being unplugged, and present in the moment it was a scene to savor indeed.

~ Jill

p.s. As a self-proclaimed expert in picking out voices, a little question for our readers: Who is the voice of Duchess in AristoCats? – I knew it right away and you can find out by clicking here. Be honest… did you need to click, or did you know right away too?