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First up –

Effortless Holiday Decorating with Shelly Dozier-McKee

Get out your calendar, call a friend and grab your spots at this class on Saturday, November 4th from 10am – 11am.  You’ll go home full of holiday inspiration and sparkly ideas!  Click here to purchase your ticket.

Be sure to join us on November 3rd and 4th for our annual Holiday Open House with specials, treats, giveaways, and all the best gifts and holiday decor. 

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Next, explore your inner artist with Madcap Cottage gent, John Loecke and Atlanta artist, Steve McKenzie on Saturday, November 18th from 10am – 11:30am.  Get your ticket here.

On Saturday, you can also get your copy of their new book, “Prints Charming: Create Absolutely Beautiful Interiors with Prints & Patterns”, signed by the Madcap Cottage gents, Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke from 11am – 3pm.

PrintsCharming book cover 26644JStay tuned to steve mckenzie’s social media and newsletters for more upcoming Holiday hoopla!  Hint, hint – another class with ConfettiStyle perhaps…details on November 1st…

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Merry Christmas from steve mckenzie’s!

Warmest wishes to you and yours this holiday season! We appreciate your business and support over this last year and look forward to serving you in 2016!

christmas wishes - steve mckenzie's

Please note, the steve mckenzie’s showroom will be closed through the new year. However, we’re open 24/7 at – or we can be reached at 404.618.0422. We look forward to seeing you in-store when we resume our regular hours on January 4th, 2016!

High Point Market Highlights

Another successful and exciting High Point Market has wrapped up, with colorful new launches and additions.  Our hearts and eyes were dancing with this collaboration of Cotton + quill fabric on a Dunes and Duchess glossy bench, against the backdrop of the dramatic Copacabana Cotton + quill textile.

Cotton + quill on a Chappy Bench from Dunes and Duchess
Cotton + quill Pendant/Capri color way on a Chappy Bench in New England Oyster Roast from Dunes and Duchess
New Libeco Bedding
New Libeco Bedding – All the colors play well together, and Belgian linens are a delight for restful sleeping.
The Old Wood Co. does it again.
The Old Wood Co. does it again.  Our Asheville maker knocks it out of the park with this Iron Buff finish.
Kannoa outdoor furniture is well-designed and functional, plus offers a full range of fabric colors and patterns so you can customize your space.  This aquamarine Congo Side Table can be used for seating too.
This is outdoor? You bet it is, from Laurie Bell and Kannoa.
This is outdoor? You bet it is, from Laurie Bell and Kannoa.

We spent more time in the Antique & Design Center of High Point, scoring some terrific finds!  The dealers ranged from classic art to art deco to textiles to eclectic vendors like Box Road.

Box Road Antiques
Box Road Antiques – everything from delicate Flow Blue plates to a fascinating flashlight collection and face jug.  Made me very happy…

Box Road Antiques

Now it’s time to get our Halloween costumes pulled together, and then start the countdown to Christmas! To ease the stress, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite holiday tips on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope.  Enjoy the warm fall colors!

So much more than ornaments… The Eric Cortina Collection

You know those unique and beautiful ornaments you always treasured as you decorated your Christmas tree as a child? The ones that always stood out because they were a bit different, and maybe super fragile… Well, we’re here to share the Eric Cornina Collection of exquisite holiday ornaments with you, in hopes they will become those special pieces your family treasures and looks forward to enjoying every Christmas season, if not year round!

We reached out to *the* Eric behind the Eric Cortina Collection and asked him a bit about his one-of-a-kind ornament designs, and all that goes into being a creator of such prized pieces, which are so much more than simple Christmas tree adornments. Here’s what he had to share:

Eric Cortina Studio

How did you decide to design Christmas ornaments?
I had been traveling to Germany during the Christmas fair as buyer for Rogers Gardens and started suggesting designs and colorations to the factories I had been working with.  One year a customer requested an ornament with holly on it, so when I was in Germany the next year I designed an ornament just for her. It was Roger’s best selling design the following season. The factories suggested I should design a collection…so I followed their advice.  My goal was to create unique ornaments with a design driven approach.
Bird In Nest
Do you have a favorite ornament you’ve created?
I think every new design is my favorite.  I believe this might be true with every designer, what you are currently working on has your attention and is your favorite.  Looking back, I would have to say the “Bird in Nest” because it was the first design I created for my collection and it incorporated a multi mold concept which was new for the industry.
Liquor Decanters
Can you share just a bit about your design process – from inspiration, to determining materials, colors, textures, etc.?
My inspiration comes from looking at the things around me every day.  I look at what I find interesting, what I see trending in design and what I think my clients would find intriguing.  I also look back on the past year to see what ornaments sold the best, and then try to evolve the collection from that point. I always try to push what the design can be by adding new techniques and materials. 
royal crown finial
What’s the most unique holiday ornament you’ve ever designed?
I would have to say the Crown Finial, which is constructed from five molds joined together to create the crown tree topper.  The factory actually went to the local University math department to figure out the dimensions for the design.  Glass shrinks when it cools, so the factory found that the crown initially would crack from the cooling process.  The math department figured out the correct proportions for the design to work and it is still one of our most iconic ornaments. 
Paris hot air balloon
What are some of the more unique ways you’ve seen people using your ornaments for the holidays?
Ornaments are not just for trees! People are decorating their chandeliers with them, placing them on book shelves and also displaying them under glass domes as pieces of art.  Many people will purchase an ornament because it reminds them of an event or a moment from their life, and some will keep those ornaments displayed all year round.
boston terrier ornament
Do you ever think of specific people when designing an ornament? Perhaps a friend, family member, or even a celebrity?
I definitely design not only from my own interests but also for people I know.  Every ornament has a personal story, or is designed with a friend in mind.  A best friend’s cat, a new born baby and even a coworker who loves flamingos have inspired some of my designs.
Gold Beaded Ship
What kind of traditions do you and your family recognize when it comes to ornaments?
I can remember our ornaments more than any other objects from my childhood.  I was not raised in a wealthy family, but I thought our two boxes of ornaments were the most beautiful possession we had.  I think many people don’t realize the impact the holidays have on children and how keeping those traditions alive for the future is so important.
If these ornaments, and Eric’s story, don’t inspire you to get to decorating your Christmas tree, we don’t know what will! We invite you to visit the steve mckenzie’s showroom and see these fabulous little works of art for yourself. We guarantee, you’ll find something perfect for yourself and quite possibly as a gift as well!
Thank you so much to Eric for sharing the secrets to his ornament designs, and why they mean so much to him.

Artful Cranberry Wreaths & A Special Discount for You!

Recently, we found out about Artful Cranberry, a Freeport, Maine based company, that creates stunning live cranberry wreaths. These unique wreaths are so lovely, we thought you’d be interested in learning more about them – and we even have a special discount to share with readers of the blog for steve mckenzie’s!

Love 26- Wreath

The gal behind Artful Cranberry, Deena Prestegard, was initially inspired to make live cranberry wreaths by a project featured on the cover of Martha Stewart Living magazine about 20 years ago. However, Deena didn’t follow Martha’s guidelines and created her own way to make wreaths with live cranberries that would last for many months, as opposed to the wreaths created in response to the magazine feature, which involved breaking toothpicks and poking the berries, accelerating the oxidation of the berry, and encouraging the wreaths to age and wither prematurely.


In short, Deena crafted cranberry wreaths that last not only through the holiday season, but well beyond.

Deena’s inspiration is the cranberries themselves. She shares,” they have a brilliant and rich array of red color tones and they glisten like gems. They’re fun too, because they dart and bounce around when dropped. They used to be called bounce berries. They’re like little red super-balls.”

Peace12  2442

Artful Cranberry purchases their cranberries from a local grower, Ricker Hill Farms. They also offer a Re-Wreath Program whereby customers return the wreaths to them after the season, and they recycle the armature and give customers a credit toward their next purchase.

Artful Cranberry 2529

A straw armature is used as the base of the wreath. Deena likes working with natural materials and the straw allows them to make custom sizes and shapes.Two simple bow options are also offered; a red or a burlap bow both with a birch bark center.

Artful Cranberry 10.21.14 3983

In addition to being perfect door adornments, the wreaths also make beautiful centerpieces. Place a clear glass vase in the center of a wreath, laid flat on a table, and fill the vase with cranberries and flowers.

Artful Cranberry’s wreaths come with care guidelines to extend their life. Given optimum conditions the wreaths can last well into the new year.

FamilyPack small

Deena’s wreaths are created one cranberry at a time. Each is selected for its glorious uniqueness then placed on the armature in a series of concentric circles, every cranberry nested into another until the entire surface of the wreath is bejeweled with the most beautiful array of red berries possible. The color, size and shape of the berries are Artful Cranberry’s medium. The palate as rich as jewels, the presence of the finished piece as magnificent as any work of art.

If you’re as taken as we are with these fantastic wreaths, Deena and the fine folks at Artful Cranberry are offering a limited number of our readers 10% off their order with offer code “Steve McKenzie,” good through Saturday, December 6. Order quickly, as there are a limited number of discounts available…

Let us know what you think about these wreaths from Artful Cranberry and where you’d like to use one around your home this holiday season!