On the Cutting Edge of Jewelry Design: Mark Edge – and a special discount!

You know when you see a memorable piece of jewelry. Sometimes a unique piece will make you stop in your tracks and question a total stranger about the beautiful baubles they’re donning. Be that person stopped on the street, thanks to Mark Edge, the designer behind some of the most uncommon jewelry pieces you’ll treat your eyes – and your wardrobe to.

The man with the edge in jewelry design, Mark Edge.

We’re so grateful Mark took some time out of his super busy holiday schedule to share a bit about himself and his seriously amazing collection of jewelry… We’re sure you’ll find something lust-worthy in the photos he shares below!


A few words from Mark:

I have a passion for creating jewelry. I gather environmentally conscious materials and push them beyond their conventional uses. My jewelry is handcrafted from a bevy of unusual materials including reclaimed metal and wood, unclaimed old stock chains and fittings and vintage crystals. I disappear into the design process for hours until I have that magic “ah-ha” moment. Then…and only then…do I feel my work is complete and that I can put my name on it. My designs are truly a labor of love. Enjoy!

– How did you get in to jewelry design?

I took a 5-evening jewelry-making class in the 8th grade just for the fun of it, and it stuck. I was instantly in business and the rest is history after attending college.

Here’s a short video of Mark and Jill – he’s sharing how long necklaces can be worn in various ways:

– Do you have a favorite piece you’ve created, or perhaps favorite jewelry collection?

The current EcoVintage collection is my favorite as I love antiques and a patina!

N-1888 copy

– Can you share just a bit about your design process – from inspiration, to determining materials, colors, textures, etc.?

I gather all sorts of materials and basically put them in front of me and that’s when the magic begins as if I love something I’ll make it work and sometimes it designs itself when certain things beg to be next to each other.


– What’s the most unique item you’ve ever turned into jewelry?

I’d have to say the vintage solid silver American coins. They are so beautiful and iconic, as well as an amazing investment. In fact, the tag line for the coin pieces is “an investment in style.”

mark edge

– What are some of the more unique ways you’ve seen people wearing your pieces – in a way you may not have envisioned?

Dolly Parton has a ton of my jewelry and in a recent photography shoot she’s wearing a butterfly necklace as a hand bracelet!!

In fact, here’s a quick video of Mark showing Jill how to turn one of his bracelets into a fantastic necklace…

– Do you ever think of specific people when designing a piece of jewelry? Perhaps a friend, family member, or even a celebrity?

The age range of people who’re attracted to my jewelry literally ranges from teenagers and moms to hip grandmothers, which makes me feel so good! Normally three generations of women would not shop in the same stores, but with my work, they all love it which I love! I look at the jewelry as art and anyone or age can be attracted to a piece of art!!


– What kind of traditions do you and your friends/family recognize when it comes to jewelry, if any?

I do give jewelry to family and friends and they always love it!!!


Thank you so much Mark! We’ve heard that in addition to the fabulous Dolly Parton, his celebrity clientele includes ladies from The Real Housewives of NYC & Atlanta, Courtney Cox, Martina McBride, The Ladies of “The View” – and we can see why!

Last video share – this one of Mark sharing how nicely his necklaces layer:

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