Steve McKenzie – Curating the Perfect Guest Room

Our friends at Matouk, purveyors of fine linens, reached out to our own Steve McKenzie to learn a bit from him about creating the most welcoming and comfortable guest suite possible for out-of-town visitors, and his responses were recently shared in their “Perfectly Outfitted Guest Room” blog post.



Some of Steve’s highlights shared in the blog post are:

  • Provide guests with a phone docking station – and, if possible, a music-loaded iPod
  • Share the home’s guest wifi login information
  • Outfit the guest room with a small flat panel tv, as guests may enjoy a bit of private down time

Click here to view the full post, as it’s chock-full of fantastic tidbits on making the most of your guest space from a number of experts.

And beware, by taking some of this advice, you may be hosting guests who’ll never want to leave the comfortable and cozy space you’ve created just for them!