5 Reasons to visit the Atlanta Symphony Associates Decorators’ Showhouse (or really any showhouse!)

Last week Jill attended the kickoff of the 44th annual Atlanta Symphony Associates (ASA) Decorators’ Showhouse… And let us tell you, it was a showstopper. So much so, we’re still musing over it. And there was so much to be inspired by we’re sharing all about it in not one, but two blog posts!

ASA Showhouse

It doesn’t take much to twist our arms to visit a showhouse, but if you – or maybe your friends – need a little more convincing, we’ve gathered our list of the top five reasons to visit the ASA Showhouse, or really any decorators’ showhouse for that matter:

Architect Neel Reid
Architect Neel Reid
  1. You have an opportunity to tour a home you wouldn’t normally get to experience. The ASA Showhouse was designed by architects Neel Reid and Philip Shutze and built in the 1920’s for the Rhodes family. Neel Reid – iconic. Need we say more? Known around these parts as “The Pink Palace” because of its previous pink color and pink dogwood trees, this home is one of the most recognized historic family homes in Atlanta. And, thanks to the ASA, you get to explore the interior!

    Love the juxtaposition of this classic work of art and modernly styled mirror.
    Love the juxtaposition of this classic work of art and modernly styled mirror.
  2. You’re able to become truly enveloped in an array of styles of interior design as you move from space to space within the home. As you tour, ask yourself: “Which of these styles speaks most to me?” You just may learn something about yourself! You may also be inspired to incorporate some of the ideas you see in the showhome in your own house. The round mirror and artwork in Michael Boyd‘s space really spoke to us!

    Habachy's cool-toned open space. So refreshing!
    Habachy’s cool-toned open space. So refreshing!
  3. By visiting a decorators’ showhouse you’re able to envision many styles of living. At the ASA Showhouse there were cozy spaces, dark rooms and wide open spaces, such as the above space by Habachy, in cool colors… Which do you see more in your home?
  4. A visit to a decorators’ showhouse is a fantastic excuse to plan a date with your group – don’t forget the practically required post-showhouse lunch. Where else will you dissect the home?!? The delectable Carol Parks Catering is in charge of the ASA Showhouse Cafe and the menu offers many tantalizing options.
  5. By simply visiting a home you’re supporting an excellent cause, in this case the Atlanta Symphony Associates. If you really want to rack up some positive karma, consider volunteering at your local showhouse. During the times it’s not busy, you can even daydream about what it would be like to live there 🙂
Bonus – A favorite ASA Showhouse detail for Jill? The built-in pet feeding center in the amazing kitchen by Design Galleria. Talk about an idea to bring home!
Cool dog detail from Design Galleria
Design Galleria’s unique pet feeding center, built right into the kitchen island!
So, what do you think?!? Are you ready for a little showhouse field trip? We promise you’ll leave feeling inspired!