Tremendous Tasks of Trays

This year, did you resolve to get organized?! How’s it going so far? If you’ve already fallen off the organizational bandwagon, we’re here to inspire you with one simple item. The tray.

Perhaps our favorite option – a catchall tray in Loop Indigo, based on Steve’s fine artwork and textile line. Will add a punch of fun and color to any space!

That’s right – as in those pretty serving pieces sitting in your cabinet that only come out during certain meals… Believe it or not, but trays can do so much outside of the kitchen. They can help you become stylishly organized!

We love the idea of using beautiful trays and even overlooked pieces from your china collection in drawers for organizing small items such as jewelry, spare change, makeup, cuff links, tie pins, etc. So many options!

Simple trays can handle the tremendous task of keeping us organized. Set on a console, nightstand, end table, or even inside a drawer, trays are a fantastic way to compartmentalize all those small items we’re so often digging through our catch-all drawers for!

This Royal Crown Derby Mikado Sandwich Tray, in Taupe, is a real showstopper! This stunning piece would be a gorgeous spot to place on your foyer table and collect keys, spare change and other loose items.

And you know those small items you reach for most – wouldn’t it be helpful if you could just leave them out in the open for easy reach? Thanks to the tray, you can do that in a stylish way.

This woven rattan round tray is actually a little larger in scale and would be a brilliant place to collect television remotes, decks of cards, or even add tall glasses to the top and fill with makeup and brushes for the bathroom or silverware for a stylish addition to your next buffet.

As you can see, we offer some pretty fabulous options for organizing small trinkets. Reach out to the steve mckenzie’s team today and we’ll be happy to help you achieve this resolution and become more organized in no time!!

steve mckenzie’s Resolutions for 2014

It’s the start of a New Year, and for many of us, that means a fresh start and possibly some goal setting. Although many New Year’s resolutions focus on dropping a bad habit, getting healthier, or saving money, our goals for 2014 are a bit different. And to help us stick to them for the year, we’re sharing them here with you.

At steve mckenzie’s we resolve to…

  • Create – Of course! You’d think we wouldn’t have to make this one a resolution; it’s what we do everyday, right?!? Well, it’s easy to get sidetracked and loose focus. This year, we’re looking forward to focusing on creating art, working to create inviting spaces, and to creating new combinations.
steve mckenzie's fabric
Some or our favorite creations from the past few years
  • Inspire – A goal for us this year is to really work to inspire others. We want to inspire our clients here at steve mckenzie’s to get brave, go bold, and express their own aesthetic by creating their own spaces. We hope to design memorable displays and get creative (see above) with unique combinations, which will work to inspire others.
steve mckenzie's tabletop
Tabletop inspirations at steve mckenzie’s – photo courtesy of LONNY
  • Read – This one’s a personal goal for both Steve and Jill. To make time in our hectic schedules to actually sit down and read – for Steve to enjoy some of the great Southern authors, such as Harper Lee and Faulkner, and for Jill to focus on finishing one book each quarter. Book recommendations welcome!
  • Entertain – Again, something you think would come naturally in our line of business. But, even we need to make an effort to spend more time with family and friends. Not only will entertaining more allow us to nurture those important relationships, it will also give us an opportunity to get creative (ah ha, back to #1 again!), and possibly give us an opportunity to inspire others (and onto #2 – we’re covering all the bases with this one). AND this resolution even ties to the next one…
steve mckenzie's entertaining
We need more great times, like this one, spent with family and friends!
  • Unplug – We’re sure we’re not the only ones with this resolution for 2014, but time unplugged is what enriches our lives, and helps us recharge. In the digital world we live in, it’s easy to get caught off guard, and realize we’re not really engaging with others or having meaningful interactions. Really unplugging with give us an opportunity for more face to face time and activities. Euchre anyone?

Maybe we’ll revisit these in a few months for a status update… Keep an eye out! And please share – what are your resolutions for 2014?