Green Plants + Home

Anyone else adding green plants to their spaces these days? We’re fairly obsessed with house plants (a positive side effect of Covid). You know, propagating them, repotting them, trying to squeeze more of green into our condo. We’ve found lots of great information and plant ideas on Pinterest. Plants give us a sense of purpose, a sense of growth, something to care for, and add healthy benefits to our world.

Mixing sculpture, framed art, and plants makes me happy.
Photo credit: Anthony Masterson Photography
Lush green plants bring the outdoors in.
Duck Green
Farrow & Ball new Duck Green paint
String of turtles stays on the small side.
green plant
Creative Candle lit table for two with greenery and desert vibe baskets from Dear Keaton.

Now I need to find some cute pots for two special spider plant starts, babies from my grandmother’s plant.

Show us your plants on Instagram using the hashtag #stevemckenzies. Be well!

Pinspiring… Loft Living

Earlier this year, we shared a bit about how we use Pinterest – both professionally and personally – to inspire our designs and lifestyle.

We had so much fun revisiting our pinboards for that post, we thought we’d bring it back and focus on our “Loft Living” board for another Pinspiring post.

loft living

Loft living is such a desirable concept for so many. But, in reality creating a space that’s both beautiful and functional within an open loft space can be quite a challenge. When revisiting our “Loft Living” Pinterest board, we discovered quite a few common threads that were weaved throughout some of our favorite images…

Natural Light



A huge perk of loft living are amazing, oversize windows and/or skylights. However, these windows may only be along one wall in the loft space. Make the most of those industrial windows by using light and airy colors in the largest components of the space – like the ceilings, walls and floors.

Amazing Staircases




Staircases are another element that can really be played up in a loft space. Think of it as a sculptural feature, which often have multiple purposes. Sure, they’re a means to an end. But, they can also act as storage, a room divider, and so much more. Don’t settle for something basic when this one element can be made in to something truly amazing.




Traditional lofts can feel cold and sterile with their copious amounts of concrete and exposed piping and duct work, but vintage elements, such as exposed brick walls and hundred year old wood beams offer loads of warmth. If your space doesn’t already offer those components, add them! And then add those necessary soft items – a vintage rug and fun floor poufs (extra seating!) will be oh-so-inviting for your guests.

Although there’s so much more to designing a fantastic loft space, hopefully these tidbits will provide a bit of inspiration – or should we say Pinspiration – to your dreams of living the loft lifestyle.

If we can help you achieve your design dreams, be it in a loft space, Tudor home, or modern condo, please reach out to the steve mckenzie’s design team today!

Pinspiring… Office Concepts

Pinterest offers us a wealth of inspiration with just the click of a mouse and sometimes possibly a simply keyword search. We turn to Pinterest to find inspiration not only in our work for steve mckenzie’s, but also in our personal lives.

With over 100 boards we pin to, we thought it was time to share a bit of that Pinspiration with you – our fabulous blog readers! Our “Pinspiring” posts will feature a board we’re currently loving, some of our favorite images from that pinboard and why it’s working for us.

sm's on pinterest

First up, is our “Office Concepts” Pinterest board. With the start of a new year, many people are looking to become better organized, and for many, a beautiful office space may be just the ticket for a more manageable life. Check out some of our current favorite office design Pinspirations:


From these inspiring images, and from our other pins on our “Office Concepts” board, you’ll note some similarities. Neutral colors abound, natural/textural elements almost always play a part, while fantastic lighting and lots of storage are must-haves. Also, smart, yet stylish seating plays a role in these designs.

All of those are fantastic takeaways as we work with clients to create organized and stylish office spaces for them. If you’re looking to create a successful office space, please reach out to the steve mckenzie’s design team to learn how we may be able to work together!