Museum Monday: Morris Museum of Art

A little over two short hours from our city is a fantastic, small museum, situated in Augusta, Georgia. The Morris Museum of Art has actually been listed as one of 30 “Must-See Art Museums” by The Art Career Project, and despite its small size, this museum packs a punch!


Here’s a bit of info on The Morris from the fine folks at The Art Career Project:

morris Museum of Art logo

One of the smallest museums on this list, the Morris Museum makes up for its lack of size by being the first and best collection of art and artists from the American South. The museum opened to the public in 1992 and has already amassed an unrivaled collection of art ranging from the Civil War period to more contemporary works. If you are from the South or just a fan of its rich culture and complicated history, this museum will be a fun trip.

Three to see:


The Infantryman by William Gaul

The watercolor of a lonely soldier lighting his cigarette is exactly the type of art that is the Morris’ forte. There is plenty of skill evident in the work, but it derives its importance from the story it tells about life as a soldier during the Civil War and the portrait it paints of the men who fought.


Southern Landscape by Benny Andrews

Andrews grew up in rural Georgia and liked to paint what he knew, which, in this case, is a minimalist portrayal of what life was like for black family making their living in the rural south.  The details are purposefully blurred and the background intricacies are scarce, but you still get a colorful glimpse at a slice of the everyday life for black farmers.


Hoover and the Flood by John Steuart Curry

Originally created for a magazine, this action-packed oil painting depicts the 1927 flood of the Mississippi River in all of its tragic glory. You can see President Hoover and the news crew following him on the right but what will really catch your eye is the obvious anguish that is starkly shown throughout the photo, making it one of the more dramatic works in their collection.

In addition to these three must-see images in The Morris’ permanent collection, they have some really exciting exhibits currently on display. Including…

art by john mellencamp

sculpture by brian dettmer

civil war drawings

So, are you ready to play a day away to Augusta and visit The Morris?!? We sure are – nothing’s quite as inspirational as a visit to an art museum!