Charmed by Collier Rose Ink

We are absolutely thrilled to share with you the latest line to become a part of the collection at steve mckenzie’s – Charleston, South Carolina based Collier Rose Ink.

A playfully sophisticated brand, offering customers unique, fresh, and well-designed elements for a gracious lifestyle, Collier Rose Ink produces their fabrics in Jaipur, India, where they work with a passionate team of artisans who are masters of their craft.

They print in small batches, focusing on the details. Each pigment is hand-mixed by a master colorist and then hand-screened onto the fabric. From there it is dried in the sun, allowing the color to set naturally.

As a result of this artisnal technique, each yard of printed fabric is original and beautiful. This process also allows them the flexibility to offer custom colorization for very small minimums.

Collier Rose Ink’s offerings go beyond fabric – they also offer wallcoverings and a fantastic line of home accessories. Their patterns are all so lovely and absolutely versatile!

“After spending more than a decade in high-end interior design, I noticed a void in the textile and wallcoverings market that I dreamt of filling,” says Nicki Rose, co-founder of Collier Rose Ink. “My partner, Cooper Collier, is an excellent graphic designer with a tremendous background. Together, we make a unique pair because I am able to identify design trends and know the desires of the trade. Cooper is able to bring those thoughts and visions to life in an artistic manner.”

Come meet the minds behind Collier Rose Ink and help us celebrate this new addition to the steve mckenzie’s showroom at an open house in Atlanta on July 20th and one in Athens, GA on July 21st. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Our Top Five Takeaways from The Southern C Summit

You may remember we introduced the founders of The Southern Coterie in this blog post last year, after returning from presenting at the Charleston Southern C Summit. Well, we had the opportunity to attend the most recent summit, just last month at The Cloister on Sea Island… The location alone had us swooning. Add in some top notch online personalities, business owners and all around creative entrepreneurs and we knew we were in for a treat!

The stunning solarium ceiling at The Cloister on Sea Island

The summit was absolutely jam-packed and the amount of inspiration we’re feeling = unparalleled. We were thrilled by others who are following their passion and shared a bit about their journey with us – including Gray Malin, Lizzie Fortunato, Libbie Summers, Darcy Miller and many more.

Grey Owl Social for The Southern C Summit
Photo Credit: Grey Owl Social for The Southern C Summit

Here are our top five takeaways from what was an unforgettable event:

  1. Tell your story. We all have a story. Listen to another’s story. That’s what connects us as neighbors, people, shop owners, entrepreneurs, etc.

    Teresa Earnest Photography for The Southern C Summit
    Photo Credit: Teresa Earnest Photography for The Southern C Summit
  2. “Community over competition,” says Darcy Miller (from Martha Stewart Weddings) – value your industry relationships and be open to new ones. (Watch for some new steve mckenzie’s collaborations!)

    Photo Credit: Grey Owl Social for The Southern C Summit
    Catching up with the founders of Dear Keaton – Photo Credit: Grey Owl Social for The Southern C Summit
  3. Shoppers want experiences – the smells, tastes, textures, and learning opportunities they encounter all build the greater picture of what our brand means.

    Grey Owl Social for The Southern C Summit
    Photo Credit: Grey Owl Social for The Southern C Summit
  4. Think outside the box. This may sound obvious to some of us creative types, but what’s considered “out of the box” in our industry changes often and this bears repeating.

    Photo Credit: Teresa Earnest Photography for The Southern C Summit
    Photo Credit: Teresa Earnest Photography for The Southern C Summit
  5. Follow the Golden Rule. Sounds simple, right? In our everyday hustle and bustle, the golden rule may not be top of mind. But, if we can always remember to treat others as we’d like to be treated, a positive influence we will be.
Photo Credit: Teresa Earnest Photography for The Southern C Summit
Photo Credit: Teresa Earnest Photography for The Southern C Summit

We’re so honored to have been a part of this fantastic summit, along with so many inspiring individuals. We cannot wait to begin putting all our takeaways to good use, so be prepared for some pretty exciting things happening in the near future for steve mckenzie’s.

Grey Owl Social for The Southern C Summit
Steve’s workshop “Plan B:  Reinvention” – Photo Credit: Grey Owl Social for The Southern C Summit

If you weren’t able to attend The Southern C. Summit at Sea Island, we hope our top highlights aid you in your journey. And, we highly recommend you make plans to attend the next Summit; they’re not to be missed!

Tastemaker Tuesday – Cheri Leavy & Whitney Long of The Southern Coterie

Earlier this summer, Steve and Jill attended The Southern Summit, an amazing event hosted by The Southern Coterie, which founded by two extremely talented women, Cheri Leavy and Whitney Long.

Cheri and Whitney were sensational hostesses of The Southern Summit and after attending such a lovely, well- thought-out and fun event, we knew they’d be a wonderful team to feature as Tastemakers! To our delight, they agreed to participate and we couldn’t be more thrilled to highlight them as our newest Tastemakers for the blog for steve mckenzie’s…

Cheri & Whitney
Cheri & Whitney

About Cheri:

For Cheri, born with a knack for instantly connecting with people, The Southern C seemed like a natural progression. From novice beginnings, writing a “cousin newsletter” to operating a successful online and print publishing business with her husband, it’s Cheri’s enthusiasm and inspiration that has made The Southern Coterie and its live events – The Southern C Summits – a must visit for Southern entrepreneurs looking to make valuable connections. Constantly on the lookout for the newest talent in the South, Cheri has an authentic passion for meeting, greeting and giving entrepreneurs a platform to speak about their brands. An eighth generation coastal Georgia native, Cheri splits her time between Athens and St. Simons Island. 

About Whitney:

After a successful career as a scout, stylist and contributing editor for some of the biggest names in print media like Coastal Living, Southern Accents, Southern Living and Better Homes & Gardens plus various special interest titles, Whitney took time off to focus on her favorite job – being a mom to four – but the scouting didn’t end there. Whitney draws on her years of curating unique places and people for the lifestyle magazine industry to create connections, find strategic partners and cultivate a talented team of writers and presenters. Born in the quintessential southern town of Elba, Alabama, Whitney now calls the quaint seaside village of St.Simons Island, Georgia home. 

cheri & whitney
Cheri & Whitney

1. Three words that describe your aesthetic?

C: Colorful, Eclectic, Keeper – I am a keeper of family treasures – china, silver, linens, books, old print press blocks and tools (my husband is fourth generation newspaper business).

W: Relaxed, Cozy, Lived-in

2. Would you please share a little about your favorite space/project to date?

C: Our cottage on East Beach, St. Simons Island was on the Christ Church Tour of Homes years ago and I loved getting ready for that tour. I worked with several talented interior designers to pull it all together – Mary-Bryan Peyer, Andrew Downs, Lisa Ellis Design and my mother-in-law Sudy. I have been collecting original art since post college and have joked that I drove my mom’s hand-me-down cars but always had an art payment versus a car payment monthly. This was thanks to my mentor Millie Wilcox of Left Bank Art Gallery who let me pay in installments. Millie created a sheet for tour attendees that turned it into an art exhibit detailing the artists and history of many of the pieces. She even researched pieces from my ancestors so it turned into an archive of my art I will treasure forever.

W: Our living room – giant sectional sofa where all six of us can squeeze in for family tv time watching some of our favorite shows like Shark Tank, America’s Got Talent and The Goldberg’s.  That is when and where I am my happiest which makes it my favorite space.

3. What’s the source(s) of your inspiration?

C: Travel, antiquing, magazines, blogs, instagram and family treasures.

W: So many friend and creatives that I have met through The Southern C and Southern C Summit!  I follow their blogs, check out their websites and social channels and am continually inspired!

Bear Bryant
Bear Bryant

4. Name three people (alive or dead) you’d invite to your dream dinner party…

C: Southern journalist, author and entertainer Julia Reed, newspaper icon Kathryn Graham and author Ernest Hemingway – don’t you wish you were invited too?

W: My Daddy who passed far too young, Bear Bryant (this would be a pick for my Dad – would LOVE to hear that conversation) and Dolly Parton – who wouldn’t want the fabulous Dolly at their dining room table? Can you tell I’m a Southern girl with these icons?   

Whitney's Great Aunt Kate’s vintage flame mahogany breakfront.
Whitney’s Great Aunt Kate’s vintage flame mahogany breakfront.

5. A piece of/type of furniture you couldn’t live without?

C: I love a good parsons table – so versatile. I have created a few with Andrew Downs. We did one for the cottage with Hermes orange Edelman leather he had left over from a project in the 80s – ahhh so fab. So then in Athens, we did Tiffany blue suede on one with a short nesting table beneath in blue skin for all of my coffee table books.

W: My great aunt Kate’s vintage flame mahogany breakfront – in addition to holding dishes, it holds lots of memories of Sunday post-church lunches and holiday family meals.

6. Do you follow a particular set of rules when mixing textures, finishes, etc. – how do they work for you?

C: I am a rule breaker for sure. I do what feels right so my style is very layered and nuanced with odd objects on brackets on the wall and I collect majolica so it is everywhere. I love old rugs and have orientals and some incredible Turkish kilims from a neat local on St. Simons, Vickie Myers, who sells them from her extensive travels. Her warehouse is a blast to dig in. That was another payment plan in my thirties. I can’t say enough that if you love beautiful things and you are on a budget then work with vendors. You would be surprised what people will do to help a young collector. I am a firm believer in textured layers but there is no rhyme or reason to my process. I buy what I like and I am not matchy matchy so I blend a lot of different pieces.

W: No, I think it’s all about a balanced mix and what is visually appealing to your eye but also taking into consideration what elements work well in each particular space. 

Colorful pillows add a POP!
Colorful pillows add a POP!

7. Trending… What is something you are currently “into” and something you are “over?”

C: I am into coupe glasses right now because of my friend, Brian Hart Hoffman’s new book, The Coupe: Celebrating Craft Cocktails and Vintage Collections I am over my dated kitchens and bathrooms. The struggle is real if you love 1930s homes.

W: I’m over the staged, too-many pillows look with the karate chops in the tops.  I am into relaxed and streamlined.  A few pillows with a colorful bold pattern pack more punch!  When I want to sit, I want to sit without removing 10 pillows to do so.  Same goes for my bed!  

Oyster painting by artist Cathie Parmelee
Oyster painting by artist Cathie Parmelee

8. How does artwork fit into your designs?

C: Clearly for me as I have expressed above – art is everything to me. My friend who is an interior designer, Cullen Osteen collaborates with me on my Athens home and teases me that most of her clients buy art to fill a space and I buy art and look for the space. Needless to say, I am a proponent of the gallery hang.

W: Art can serve to anchor a room and also serve as the jumping off point for the design scheme.  I love sizable statement pieces – kind of like a great statement necklace. 

9. What would be the one thing you would have if you were stranded on a deserted island?

C: My husband Vance of course. A healthy supply of wine and hopefully some fabulous stemware. My two golden retrievers. I don’t think I would do well on a deserted island.

W: My iPhone so I could book a plane ticket back home!

Scene from The Southern Summit
Scene from The Southern Summit

Thank you so much Cheri and Whitney!! Not only did we have a fabulous time at The Southern Summit this past May, we’re so happy to have had to opportunity to get to know you both better and share a bit about you here on the blog for steve mckenzie’s!

Now, who’s already planning their visit to Sea Island for The Southern Summit 2017?!?