10 Minute Makeover: The Kitchen

Today we’re tackling a kitchen makeover in 10 minutes… Yes, believe it or not, we’ll be able to freshen up this space with just a few minute’s time! These quick solutions to creating a new feel for your kitchen won’t break the bank or necessitate a timeline either. There won’t be any painting of cabinetry, re-tiling of a back splash, or new solid-surface counter top options to explore, no sir! We simply employ a bit of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to bring you your new(ish) kitchen:

Framed art as a baclsplash

The Art of the Back Splash – Gather favorite family photos and/or small, framed works of art to lean against your current back splash, creating a new look for this part of your kitchen. You just want to make sure your art and photos are covered with glass, so any mess will be easily wiped clean.

These prints from Thimblepress would add a perfect pop of color and a bit of a custom feel (pick any state you love!) to your re-freshened kitchen! Available at steve mckenzie’s.

Repurpose a Pitcher – Pitchers can be used for so much more than serving a nice drink! Select your most-loved kitchen tools and bring them within easy reach by displaying them in a beautiful pitcher on your counter top.

The classic, graceful shape of this bold blue pitcher will add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. Bonus – it’s acrylic, so it won’t chip with each bump or bang your cooking skills may bring its way…

Raise the Comfort Level – Add a throw pillow to the seating option in your kitchen, not only will it add color and texture, it’ll provide lumbar support so your family and friends may never want to leave your ever-so-comfortable, newly freshened kitchen space!

The color options available in these pinstriped pillows ensure a look to compliment your space!
The color options available in these steve mckenzie’s pinstriped pillows ensure a look to compliment your space!

New Scents Make Sense – If you’re always cooking up unique eats, chances are your kitchen is retaining some of those smells from last night’s fish dinner. A nice candle may be just the ticket to eliminate those odors and provide an especially welcoming environment each time they enter your kitchen space.

A simple candle in a smart scent, such as this "Twisted Sage" version from steve mckenzie's will allow guests to enjoy the new feel of your space using their sense of smell.
A simple candle in a smart scent, such as this “Twisted Sage” version from steve mckenzie’s, will allow guests to you to enjoy the new feel of your space using your sense of smell.

Ahhh… A kitchen you and your family will really be able to sink your teeth into! All it took was a few re-placed accessories and some creative solutions. Implement these ideas in your space and you’ll be enjoying a new kitchen in just 10 minutes!

10 Minute Makeover: The Guest Bedroom

With just 10 minutes, and a bit of creativity you can transform an entire space!

Today, we’re tackling the guest bedroom. With wedding and graduation season upon us, soon house guests will be too. An often overlooked space, the guest bedroom can be a hodgepodge of reclaimed furniture, bedding and accessories. Even if you don’t have the time or budget to create a totally made-over space, 10 minutes will provide the perfect opportunity to freshen your space.

Bring in a colorful quilt – it’s amazing what a new (even if it’s just new to the space) textile will do for your guest bedroom. Keep the rest of your bedding neutral and add a colorful quilt or throw at the foot of your bed. Remember that hodgepodge we mentioned earlier? A colorful piece like this may be the perfect cohesive element your guest bedroom is calling for!

Check linen throw from steve mckenzie's
Libeco check linen throw from steve mckenzie’s

Switch up a lampshade and let there be NEW light! Select a lampshade from another space in your home (or if you’re a design hoarder – select one from your stash) and switch it with one in your guest bedroom. A new texture and tone surrounding the light source will truly create a new feel for your space.

Relocate a plant and breathe fresh life into your guest bedroom. No matter the size of your space, even the tiniest of succulents will liven up your space and add some much needed greenery – especially if you get creative with the potting (think antique milk glass, or a bright metallic pencil holder).

Pewter cup from steve mckenzie's? The perfect succulent planter!
Pewter cup from steve mckenzie’s? The perfect succulent planter!

And, voila, there you have it – a 10 minute makeover of your guest bedroom, courtesy of the team here at steve mckenzie’s! Now, what are you doing with your next 10 minutes?!?