Adding Spunk with a Sputnik

A Sputnik chandelier always makes a statement.

A vibrant orange Sputnik chandelier always makes a BIG statement.


And that’s exactly what Steve McKenzie was going for when he had this especially funky Sputnik chandelier installed above the main gathering space in the outdoor living room he was charged with in the recent Holiday Showhouse for Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.


Believe it or not, this spunky light fixture has a place in just about any style space. Check out the “Sputnik Love” board on the Pinterest page for steve mckenzie’s, just to get an idea of all the ways these astonishing pieces can be used.

Here at steve mckenzie’s we love using a Sputnik to offer a┬ámodern element and provide some creative tension with otherwise classical and traditional style. They’re especially beautiful over a classic round pedestal table in a foyer or even grouped at different heights in a soaring entry! Sputniks are fabulous over a dining table because of the openness it provides – never impeding sight lines. In a bedroom they are great over the bed, and depending on the style can really bring an element of fun (bright colors) or of luxury with crystal bulbs.

The biggest pitfall to watch out for when using a Sputnik to always keep scale in mind. If using a Sputnik over a dining table, make the longest arms 2/3 of the width of the table. Likewise, when scaled too small, they can look silly especially in a grand room. If you need more of a statement, group them!

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles - Feb. 14_pg.17Our friends at Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles also have a love for the Sputnik! They picked the chandelier, selected by Steve for the outdoor living space, as one of the noteworthy items from their Holiday Showhouse, and highlighted it in their “New + Next” feature in the February 2014 issue!

In fact, a half-page spread was devoted to the statement made by a good Sputnik. Steve McKenzie was quoted in this piece, sharing…

“Lighting is to interiors what jewelry is to fashion; a statement piece that can set the tone for the room. A Sputnik chandelier adds instant energy, texture and a sculptural element – without overpowering a space.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles - Feb. 14_pg.19

So, have you been turned on to finding the perfect Sputnik for your space yet?!? Or, if you’re lucky enough to already have your home bedazzled by your very own Sputnik, please share what you love most about it!

Here’s to the jewelry that is fabulous lighting and the timelessness of the Sputnik chandelier!