High Point Market Highlights

Another successful and exciting High Point Market has wrapped up, with colorful new launches and additions.  Our hearts and eyes were dancing with this collaboration of Cotton + quill fabric on a Dunes and Duchess glossy bench, against the backdrop of the dramatic Copacabana Cotton + quill textile.

Cotton + quill on a Chappy Bench from Dunes and Duchess
Cotton + quill Pendant/Capri color way on a Chappy Bench in New England Oyster Roast from Dunes and Duchess
New Libeco Bedding
New Libeco Bedding – All the colors play well together, and Belgian linens are a delight for restful sleeping.
The Old Wood Co. does it again.
The Old Wood Co. does it again.  Our Asheville maker knocks it out of the park with this Iron Buff finish.
Kannoa outdoor furniture is well-designed and functional, plus offers a full range of fabric colors and patterns so you can customize your space.  This aquamarine Congo Side Table can be used for seating too.
This is outdoor? You bet it is, from Laurie Bell and Kannoa.
This is outdoor? You bet it is, from Laurie Bell and Kannoa.

We spent more time in the Antique & Design Center of High Point, scoring some terrific finds!  The dealers ranged from classic art to art deco to textiles to eclectic vendors like Box Road.

Box Road Antiques
Box Road Antiques – everything from delicate Flow Blue plates to a fascinating flashlight collection and face jug.  Made me very happy…

Box Road Antiques

Now it’s time to get our Halloween costumes pulled together, and then start the countdown to Christmas! To ease the stress, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite holiday tips on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope.  Enjoy the warm fall colors!

Who you NEED to Meet: Darren Green of The Old Wood Co.

We’ve been a proud retailer of The Old Wood Co. furnishings since the start of steve mckenzie’s. When we first learned of The Old Wood Co., located in Asheville, NC, and what they were all about, we knew it was for us! And, luckily, many of our clients agree!

Darren Green, the man behind the magic that is The Old Wood Co., prides himself in using the finest old reclaimed wood available. And we can attest the finished product is the absolute epitome of beauty paired with quality craftsmanship.

Darren has such a passion for what he does, and the heirloom quality furniture pieces he works to create, we thought you’d enjoy getting to know him a little better, so we requested a “Who You NEED To Meet” Please see more about Darren and The Old Wood Co. below…

©Travis Bell Photography
Darren Green, Founder of The Old Wood Co. ©Travis Bell Photography

sm’s: How did you strike out on your own with The Old Wood Co.?

D: I was a manufacturers representative for 10 years prior to starting The Old Wood Co. Spent most of my time at LEE Industries (7 years) and that is where I tell folks I received my MBA.

timthumb (8)

sm’s: What inspires your designs?

D: I like designs that are straight forward and speak to common sense and what would work best in a home or commercial setting.

timthumb (5)

sm’s: What is your vision for The Old Wood Co., as well as for your handcrafted pieces?

D: At the end of each work day we all must walk out of the shop knowing that we all put forth our best effort and provided our clients with the best piece of furniture we know how to build.

timthumb (6)

sm’s: What do you see as mainstays in your furniture collection?

D: We’ve only discontinued a couple designs over the years, mainly due to issues with the construction, suppliers, or overall design practicality. Every design in the line is available in custom sizes, in any wood species, and in any finish.

timthumb (3)

sm’s: What are the different types of wood species you work with?

D: We stay with domestic hardwoods–oak, walnut, ash, maple, cherry mainly due to the type of dust they produce.

timthumb (4)

sm’s: What can you share about your design collaborations?

D: We have collaborated with blacksmiths, metal artisans, street artist, and other talented woodworkers.

timthumb (1)

sm’s: What do people need to consider when looking to purchase a piece by The Old Wood Co.?

D: That we build authentic solid wood pieces that do require some maintenance. We have a care and cleaning video online but also offer finishes with a polyurethane coat that require less maintenance than an oil or wax finish.

timthumb (2)

sm’s: What’s on the horizon for The Old Wood Co.?

D: One day I would like to have our own metal shop and further down the line would like to have our own (very small) upholstery shop for those custom pieces that might require cushions, etc.

timthumb (9)

sm’s: As an artist/businessman how do you recharge?

D: My family keeps me going–I have three children under the age of seven, so life is busy, but gratifying. I’m at a very exciting stage of my life.

I’m also very involved with the River Arts District in Asheville, where the shop is located, so I enjoy being involved with the growth and development of the area.

A great, big thank you to Darren and the folks at The Old Wood Co. for making such special pieces we’re so excited to offer our clients! We love The Old Wood Co. and Darren’s enthusiasm he has for his creations. We hope you all have enjoyed this glimpse into artisan Darren Green’s process and creations.

If you’d like to see his work in person, please visit the steve mckenzie’s showroom!